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Update by user Oct 31, 2017

In less than 24 hours of posting my review of One Blood, I was called by a One Blood representative. She resolved the issue immediately, and gave me her phone number in case I ever have any problem in the future.

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2017

I donated blood and was given a One Blood rewards card to redeem online. (I think it was for $10.) My wife entered the reward code number and the online site said that the Reward was already taken, so apparently, someone used the number before I received the card.

Now, the One Blood website to redeem Rewards has been removed. I attempted to contact One Blood online twice, by filling out a comment form. Both times, the site said there was a problem and gave me a blank form page to start over. Then, I called the customer assistance number, and was switched to a One Blood voice mail number.

I left a message, but no one ever called me back. .

I donate blood anyway, but they offered a reward for this to donors, and it seems to be a lie and that they don't care that it is. And, I cannot ever contact One Blood to find out what happened, or to let them know.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Local employees.

I didn't like: Corporate customer service.

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"I donate blood anyway, "

You're not donating anything. You're selling blood. The fact that you're whining about $10.00 shows a mercenary attitude.

That's cool if that's what you're into but don't continue to lie to yourself.

But if you really want to donate blood anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of places in and around your area that take voluntary donations especially this time of the year.

to Anonymous #1410062

Please read my post again. You missed my ONLY point, which is that the company promised to provide something to donors and then did not keep their word for me.

Afterwards, they did correct this.

Your comment borders on being defamatory and offers nothing positive.

But, if you really want to make negative comments, I'm sure there are plenty of places to do so.

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